All About National MSME Awards


The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India have undergone a vast development in the last five decades registering a tremendous growth as well as the progress in terms of quality production, exports, innovation, product and process development. Entrepreneurial efforts have made it possible to produce a number of items, which hitherto were imported. In quite a few cases new variants so produced are having additional attributes than their original versions and are capable of solving a multitude of user problems.

The Indian entrepreneurs are very creative and innovate new products and processes as well as provide innovative services to remain competitive in domestic and global market. This has become possible to encourage such innovative efforts and promote their spirit in larger interest of qualitative development of MSME. Accordingly, the Ministry of MSME recognizes the contributions of these entrepreneurs for their outstanding performance and motivate and encourage them by conferring awards at the National Level.

Also, in order to motivate the State/ UT Government and Aspirational Districts for the development and growth of MSMEs in their area of jurisdiction, provision of awards at the National level for the State/ UT Government and Aspirational Districts has also been made accordingly. For further motivating the bankers and ensure smooth MSME credit, provision has also been made for the bankers for their excellence in the credit lending to Micro and Small Enterprises.

Eligibility & Qualifying Conditions

The eligible M SMEs will submit online applicationsin the relevant categoryof awards. An enterprisecan apply for more than one categoryof award. The Awardee shall not be nominated or considered for the same or lower categoryof award in the subsequent 4 year (s). However, there will be no bar for an awardee to be nominated or considered for a higher category of award in subsequent year.

Essential Conditions for Eligibility (System Guided Application Process)
Sl.No. Condition Proof Remarks
1 Udyam Registration Valid Udyam Registration Number System will pick all the details of the Unit from Udyam Registration Number Registration Data Base (This will be cross checked with the data to be filled by the Unit for Financial Parameters)
2 Clearance of the Unit from Environmental Angle Valid Environmental Clearance certificate from the competent authority In case the unit is exempted from Environment Clearance, then the exemption certificate signed declaration to be uploaded
3 Industrial License/Fire/Explosive etc Valid Certificate from the competent authority In case the unit is exempted, then the exemption certificate or signed declaration to be uploaded
4 Social Security Norms ESIIPF etc. Challans to be uploaded In case the unit is exempted, then the exemption certificate or signed declaration to be uploaded (The numbers indicated would be cross checked with the number of employees to be filled by the applicant subsequently)
5 Other Certificates Applicant has to give an online declaration that there is no criminal case/tax liability etc pending against it. It also has to upload a certificate that all bank accounts are standard as on the date of filing application
6 Affirmation Certified that I have cleared all the Income Tax dues and I am not involved in any economic or other offence for which legal action/enquiry is pending against me and also the above information furnished by me is correct. I undertake to refund the cash prize, trophy and certificate, if awarded to me, in case it is ever found that the information fumished above was incorrect. Further, I may also be liable for any action under the law of the land for any false declaration.

For Non-Technical Awards (Manufacturing, Services & Exports)
General Women/SC/ST/NER/Divyang Justification
50% 40% Promotion of Special Category and to shortlist more Enterprises for Second phase of scrutiny
Awards for Technically Efficient MSMEs
Micro Small Medium  
40% 50% 60% To expand the scope for Micro Units

Categories of National MSME Awards at the National Level

Awards for Manufacturing Entrepreneurship ( 12 Awards)
Awards for Service Entrepreneurship (9 Awards)
Awards for Special Category of Enterprises (14 Awards)
Women Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs belonging to SC/ST Category
Entrepreneurs belonging to 'Divyang' Category
Entrepreneurs belonging to States of NER
Awards for Institutional Support to MSMEs